Genki Sudo vs Ramon Dekkers in K-1 – Hero’s 1

Here is Genki Sudo’s match against Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers. Dekkers is an amazing Muay Thai fighter, but he’s inexperienced in MMA so proved to be no match for Sudo. Personally I would love to see what Dekkers could do if he had a good sprawl.

Genki Sudo Taps Butterbean with a Heel Hook

This fight cracks me up every time I see it. Especially how Genki bounces off the rope like he is a WWE wrestler. You got to love that guy.

Highlight of Genki Sudo – MMA Fighter and Grappling Phenom

This highlight of Genki Sudo named “The Legend of The Samurai” was created by highlight creator Genghis Con. I have always enjoyed watching Genki fight. It’s to bad that he just announced his retirement from the fight game. He will be missed.